Feather Ring 10mm Wide

Feather Ring 10mm Wide


The ‘Feather’ Collection is inspired by the First Nations gifting of an eagle feather. The Eagle feather represents many things; vision, respect, honour and courage and is also a sign of positivity. It is not gifted lightly and is earned in their community and is a great symbol to others of their position. These rings have been individual hand carved, each one unique like the Eagle feather, and special. They make very meaningful gifts for the one’s you most care about. Especially wedding bands. They bind your friendship.

They can be worn separately or stacked together. 

If you’d like a specific width or profile shape or a quote for 18ct please contact me for details.

These rings can be made to fit any finger size, please state in the form at the checkout what size you require.

Boxed & beautifully gift wrapped, these rings are a perfect present too (to yourself or a friend!).

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