Welcome to the home of British jewellery designer/maker Corrinne Eira Evans. 

Corrinne Eira Evans creates beautifully handcrafted, delicate and elegant contemporary jewellery using sustainably sourced precious metals. Each piece is lovingly handmade out of Eco-silver, Eco-gold and titanium, in her Devon studio. Using traditional silversmithing skills and contemporary designs, resulting in modern and timeless look.

The use of flat chainmail features heavily and is combined with set stones, wire work and carvings to complete her unique jewellery.

Corrinne’s chainmail jewellery collections have developed from research into First Nations art & culture. After visiting Alert Bay Island’s Namgis tribe, B.C Canada, in 2017, a wealth of inspiration and intrigue from their baskets, ceremonial blankets and masks feeds into her work. Patterns and symbols commonly used within their art work are given new meaning throughout Corrinne’s collections, adding patterns and symbols of her own to express stories and meanings relating to her everyday life.